Calibration & Repair Services Request

We offer a full range of calibration services and repairs. Our Indianapolis and Cyrpus calibration laboratories are accredited in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) and meets the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994-1.
Alternatively, our network analyzers and calibration kits can be calibrated by any ISO17025-accredited and Z540-1 compliant calibration lab worldwide. The VNA Performance Test (VNAPT) software application is not required but is available for third-party laboratories without restriction and can be downloaded  here.

To help facilitate diagnosis of a suspected instrument malfunction, please find and download the Vector Network Analyzer Diagnostic Tool (VNADT) program. VNADT is a program designed to guide the user through basic diagnostic tests. This application generates a diagnostic report that allows CMT's  support team to quickly assess any analyzer malfunctions.

VNADT provides step by step instructions for visual inspections, connection checks, USB checks, limit tests, and ACM checks. It then generates a diagnostic PDF report which can be submitted as an attachment in the form below. 

Please indicate which services you require and fill out the necessary information below.

Please only fill out one form per device. If you would like to request calibration for multiple instruments, please complete a form for each one.

The images above demonstrate where you can find the serial number for your CMT product‚Äč
Expedited calibration services are available at the discretion of the lab. If the lab approves expedited services an expedite fee will be included on the quote we provide to you, in addition to the calibration fee. We currently only offer a two-day expedited calibration service, which means your device will go from being received to bench within two days of receipt. To ensure your device is calibrated and returned promptly please confirm your shipping address and provide a PO or payment by Credit Card upon receiving a quote. If your device fails calibration and needs to be repaired or adjusted the expedite fee will still be charged unless the cause of failure is determined to be covered under warranty.

If you have multiple attachments/screenshots please place them in a zipped folder and upload the zipped folder in the field above  

Please review the statements below. By submitting this form as is, you are accepting the below statements.

1. Shipping material you're using to send the device may be discarded and will not be returned to you.

2. By default, Copper Mountain Technologies will install anti-tamper stickers after service.

3. If the instrument is out of tolerance upon receipt, we will not open the instrument for diagnosis unless we are told otherwise.

4. We will leave the calibration due date blank unless you specify a desired due date for the device. 

We request the calibration/verification service for the following equipment. Should there be any problem or need for changing, both parties shall inform and discuss with the other to solve the problem. We bear full responsibility for the equipment and the information supplied in this request and shall settle in full the calibration/verification fees to CMT as agreed or quoted by both parties, or according to pertinent regulations prior to receiving the certificate of calibration/verification.