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Copper Mountain Technologies is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team of applications engineers, service technicians, and metrology scientists are here to help you with technical support, application-specific recommendations, annual performance testing, and troubleshooting or repair of your CMT instruments. Contact us today if we can be helpful in any way:

The links along the left side of this page provide access to software downloads, tips getting started with CMT VNAs, performing automation of measurements, annual calibration and performance testing, as well as detailed information about advanced applications and calibration scenarios and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

For introductions to CMT instruments, and help with getting started, the many videos available on our YouTube Channel are great resources to explore. 


One of the easiest ways to get to know Copper Mountain Technologies' VNAs is to explore the instruments directly. All our VNA applications contain built-in emulator modes for each supported instrument. During installation, just tick the box for "Enable Demo Mode":

You can also select which of the supported instruments should be emulated:

The demo mode setting and instrument selection can always be changed after installation. Visit the "System > Misc Setup" menu and choose a preferred VNA model or to disable Demo mode. Upon re-launch, the settings will be in effect.

Demo mode is a great way to explore the VNA's software capability and organization, but for assessing VNA measurement performance, we recognize there's no substitute for a hands-on evaluation. We encourage you to request a Demo instrument evaluation! Please reach out to us today.

And should you have any questions about Demo mode, or if we can help further in any way, please let us know!


Copper Mountain Technologies recommends a 12 month calibration interval for all VNAs and ACMs we produce. The objective of verifying performance of test equipment regularly is to ensure measurement performance is within specification. Testing procedures for our instruments are well-aligned with established processes. For example, VNA calibration procedures include measurement of RF output power, frequency accuracy, harmonic distortion, as well as S-parameter measurement accuracy.


Copper Mountain Technologies' Indianapolis-based calibration laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) and meets the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994-1. All reference standards and equipment of the laboratory are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or international equivalents.

Our certificate of accreditation and scope, issued by ANSI-ASQ Accreditation Board (ANAB), can be accessed at or the link below.

Our laboratory goal is to complete all calibration service orders within 5 days after receipt of the instrument, however actual lead times will vary according to resource availability and work volume.


To order calibration services, please complete the Calibration Services Order Form [xlsx] or contact us today.

You can also access our Calibration and Repair Services website.

Sample 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate [.pdf]

Sample Unaccredited Calibration Certificate [.pdf]

Sample Factory Report[.pdf]

* Budgetary pricing only. Please contact our Calibration Team for lead time, a formal quote, or to place an order. Calibration certificate may be provided by a qualified third party laboratory during times of peak demand. Our standard Service Policies apply.


Should you prefer to perform annual testing yourself, or using a third party, Copper Mountain Technologies' calibration experts are here to help. Any laboratory with sufficient RF measurement experience and capability can perform the maintenance needed for annual verification and calibration of our VNAs.

Performance test manuals for many of our instruments can be freely accessed in the Downloads section of this page. Please contact us for details about or questions on using these procedures.

Additionally, the VNA Performance Test (VNAPT) software application is available for third party laboratories without restriction. Use of VNAPT to execute performance tests is optional, but the software is designed to automate and streamline VNA performance testing, including generation of test reports automatically. Currently, VNAPT supports Planar 804/1, Planar 808/1, S5048, Planar R54, and Planar R140. Support for additional instruments will be incorporated in future releases.

Copper Mountain Technologies has worked extensively with calibration service providers at many ISO17025-accredited and Z540-1 compliant calibration labs across the United States and around the world. A sampling of US laboratories able to calibrate CMT VNAs is included below for convenience.

For locations not listed, please contact us or your local distributor for recommended calibration options.


MICRO-PRECISION (CA) India (Chennai), China (Wuxi), Thailand, Singapore


MAT Solutions (TX)

(If you wish for your laboratory to be listed here as a calibration services supplier, please contact our Calibration Team.)