About Us

The Story Behind Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs


Technology is supposed to move. It’s supposed to change and update and progress. It’s not meant to sit stagnant year after year simply because that’s how things have always been done.

The engineers at Copper Mountain Technologies are creative problem solvers. They know the people using VNAs don’t just need one giant machine in a lab. They know that VNAs are needed in the field, requiring portability and flexibility. Data needs to be quickly transferred, and a test setup needs to be easily automated and recalled for various applications. The engineers at Copper Mountain Technologies are rethinking the way VNAs are developed and used.

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs are designed to work with the Windows PC you already use via USB interface. After installing the test software, you have a top-quality VNA at a fraction of the cost of a traditional analyzer. The result is a faster, more effective test process that fits into the modern workspace. This is the creativity that makes Copper Mountain Technologies stand above the crowd. We’re creative. We’re problem solvers.

And that’s how we’ve always done it.


Technology knows no borders. Technology doesn't care where it’s developed, or where it’s created, or where it’s used. This is the essence of Copper Mountain Technologies. Combining expert engineers in Chelyabinsk, Russia — some of the most creative engineers in the world, solving old problems in brand new ways — with a global sales network based in Indianapolis, Indiana and an office in Singapore, Copper Mountain Technologies has been able to experience unparalleled international growth.

Copper Mountain Technologies is a company that’s both a local neighbor and an international company with global resources.